Friday, March 04, 2011

London Calling?...

OMG!!! I can’t believe that I haven’t written a blog in a year?!! I guess that just go’s to show how busy (or slack) I have been. Just reading though my last blog makes me realise how little has changed over the past year.. That’s not to say that it’s been a quite year.. if only.
Casting my mind back I recall a change in Projects (and country from Vietnam to Cambodia), 3 trips back home to the UK… 1 funeral, 2 Operations, 3 weddings, and a break up!
Yes, that’s right I’m single and on a rampage to regain control of my life and my self-respect again… this include a serious dose of ‘what the hell was I thinking’, followed by punishing myself at the gym on a daily basis and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.. all in all not a not a bad plan I feel.
I’m tired of thinking about the past and what has been... It’s time to look to the future and start opening up to new opportunities… I thought I had my entire life mapped out when the rug was pulled from underneath me… It’s not how hard you fall, I guess, but how you deal with it afterwards that defines you… I’m trying to pick myself back up with a shred of dignity ana little pride thrown in for good measure.
I’ve started networking in Singapore a lot and tried to throw myself in to as many extra curricula activities as possible, I thought it was about time I tried to build a life for myself out here, after all I have been here for 3 years! This includes volunteering at the YMCA (helping the disadvantaged youth of Singapore. I’m finding that helping others makes me realize how lucky I am… maybe it’s not cool to get off on other peoples misfortunes, but I have the best of intentions at heart.. I promise), and drinking, lots and lots of drinking, did I already mention that?! ;o)
Anyway I’m not sure what the future will bring… I’m glad I have had the opportunity to work in South East Asia, but it may be time to move on to pastures new… in this though emotional time, London is calling, but I’m already half way around the work so why not stop off at a few places along the way… Maybe Australia for a year, followed by America… It’s sad ‘cos over the past 3 years most of the reasons I would have had to haul ass straight back to London have slowly diminished… and by ‘reasons’ I mean friends… that’s not to say that the core few that remain, and you know who you are, are not dearly loved, appreciated and missed!
Once again you’ll have to watch this space (hopefully not for as long as last time) to wait and see what happens!
It was nice catching up with you guys again.
Till the next time…

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Totally Tet

And there was me thinking that I would be back in London for good by now… It’s crazy how quickly situations and circumstances have the ability to change… and after preparing myself to move back to London 3 weeks ago, being homeless, possibly jobless and definitely clueless, I now find myself back in Vietnam with a spanking new apartment in Singapore… Inundated with work and job offers with the prospect of working in Cambodia and Australia and definitely another year to spend in Asia!

I’m still not sure that all this is a good thing, but once again… the option of, well, having options can’t be totally dismissed… after all experiencing life back at home over the Tet Holidays was a real eye opener. It gave me firsthand experience of the effects that the current economic climate is having on people’s lives. It’s pretty easy to distance yourself from it all when you are on the other side of the world, working in a developing country where recession isn’t even in the vocabulary! Can’t miss something you never had, hey?!

I thought that knowing where I would be for the next year, at least, would mean that I could start making some solid plans.. you know things like settling down, looking for a new job, starting my career… like hell! Things are still as ‘up in the air’ as they have ever been. I had planned on leaving my current job to move on to somewhere where I had more of a chance of developing myself, and where I could be grounded for a while, but to be fair the chance to travel some more is somewhat appealing, so maybe the career will have to be put on hold for a little while longer?! I even thought that if the my stint in my current role left me completely unemployable then I would go back and study… yes, that’s right… STUDY!!! I think it’s just been long enough for the pain of assignments and exams to have numbed… or maybe I’m just crazy…? No comments please.

Options, options, options!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yes… I made it… It’s still Jan so I can still with everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR… right?
Anyway I know that these blogs are coming even fewer and far between, but at least that means I’m keeping buys.
I can’t believe that it’s been 4 years since I started this thing!?
So what’s been happening… well aside from continuing my work in Vietnam, it turns out that I will probably be in Asia (based in Singapore) for another year or so.. Not a bad thing considering the economic situation back in the UK… although I’m missing home and my friends heaps at the mo.. Xmas is always a tough time in that respect.. French Polynesia definitely did a lot to ward off the home sickness for a while though… Damn Bora Bora was so beautiful… we’ll be hard pressed to beat it for an Island paradise that’s for sure… especially seeing as all the places I’ve returned to since starting this have turned out to be a huge disappointment :o(
I know I’ve been working in Vietnam for a while now, and I am still loving it… it grows on you.. trust me! But being away from home for so long is beginning to take its toll… I’m losing touch with lots of people and seem to be missing out of a lot of weddings and babies too.. I guess I’m getting to that age now :o/ Maybe it’s time to hang up the traveling boots? I reckon I’ve still got a couple of years left in them yet.. but one thing’s for sure… I need to make a plan… hmmmm. Any ideas… anyone?
I read an article the other day about ‘The Quarter Life Crisis’ and it certainly rung true for me.. I have no idea what I wanna do.. I know I have choices and that a great thing, but what to do, what to do??? I envy those people who single mindedly have a goal and go after it, but then one has to wonder if it’s not just as advantageous to be open minded and just ‘go with the flow’ so to speak? Maybe I’ll become a teacher.. isn’t that what everyone that doesn’t know what to do does? No offence to all the great, inspirational teachers out there… or… go back to being a student !!!! Ahhhhhhh… Although once again, don’t you have to kind of have to know where you want that to take you?
So as you can probably tell.. I’m at a bit of a cross roads in my life at the mo. Who knows where I’ll end up? One thing I do know is that I have determination and the support of lot’s of amazing people in my life (one in particular) that will certainly see me though... whatever the outcome.
I guess you’ll know when I know.
Keep reading Readers!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oi Gioi Oi!

So I am only just getting back to this Blogg, and it’s now (last viewed 3 months ago) October!!! I know that’s super lazy, especially when I’d already written July’s installment.. still that means that things have been keeping me busy and out of trouble for a while.

India is definitely over for me.. work wise at least. The company did ask me to go back, but luckily for me before I threw in the towel for good another opportunity came up… in Vietnam.
So, here I am.. and trust me, I’m lovin’ it… This place is like Vegas compared to Gurgoan.. I’ve already made heaps of friends and have been hoppin’ about as much as possible.. Sapa (Vietnam, China boarder), Halong Bay, any bar, pub or restaurant that will let me in … cut me some slack, I have 4 months to make up for ;o) plus I get to fly back to Singapore… or wherever I want to every other weekend.. It’s a sweet gig, and will do for now.

I’m missing home a bit now though… there’s talk of me being back in the UK early next year, and although I don’t want think about it too much until I know for sure what the plan is, it’s difficult. I really don’t know how I will feel about being back in London full time… I mean the initial thought of it is great! Then I think about the grey sky and rain.. and cold and it literally sends a shiver down my spine… Guess we’ll have to just wait and see what happens.

I’ll let you know more when I do…

But for now… ‘Hi’ from Hanoi!

Flying the coop!

India has been Tuuuuuuuuffffff! With a Capital Tu.

I wish I was in a better mind set to have appreciated it more, but when you are working, it ain't easy… even less easier when you’re working with a bunch of beep beep beeeeep beeeeeeeppppppssssssss… if you get my drift… lol

Actually there’re not all that bad, but I guess I can say that now that I AM LEAVING!!!!! Maybe I shouldn’t start gloating too soon… after all I have yet to board the plan, oh and then there’s the little matter about finding out where my next assignment will be… India??? :-o lol

India is soooooo beautiful, and I’m glad I took it upon myself to make sure I got out of the hell hole that is Gurgoan, to experience even just a bit of it… It was awesome to get out to the rural areas and see the green, clean and smog free India… topped off by the fact that I was able to hang out with relatives that I hadn’t seen for over 20 years! Not to mention all the wildlife…

Pigs, Snakes, Donkeys, Camels, Bats, Spiders, Cows, Bulls, Monkeys, Dogs, peacocks… hmmmm…. Have I forgotten anything… probably?!

But never mind all that I have a trip home, home… as in LONDON! Before I have to even start thinking about that… I will miss Singapore and Nev, and it sucks that I’ll only be back home (Singapore) for 4 days before I have to depart my beloved… but that’s, I’m afraid the way the cookie crumbled. Hopefully will be able to give my suitcase a bit of a rest once I’m back from the Big Smoke… If the company I’m working for lives up to my expectations (very, very low) that will more than likely be the case.

So watch this space for the next up date….

And if any of you are going to be in and around London, last week July – first week Aug… be sure to give me a shout!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So… where did I end up….? Right back to where I started this thing ;o)

The motherland of course…

Currently spending 3 months in India… Delhi to be precise…

Well I like to think of it as Delhi, when in fact if I wanted, I wouldn’t have to see the slightest bit of Delhi, or in fact of the outside world. I’ve been put up in a five star hotel, just outside the chaos of the city… not that I’m complaining… The hotel is ace, as are the staff and I’ve pretty much become a part of the furniture… is it a bit fresh of me to be walking around the hotel barefoot? I could get used to the zero amount of house work not to mention lounging by the pool all day.


I’m back in Singapore for 12 hrs tomorrow before I jet off to Thailand for a long ago planned weekend flowed by 4 days in the Philippines for Matt and Odyza’s wedding… Ohhhh I’m so excited.. my second gig as a bridesmaid… although I haven’t had a chance to see my dress, let alone have a fitting, so it could all go horribly wrong, oh well, I’ll just have to make sure that I have a glue gun and a stapler with me :-o

I’m missing home like crazy at the moment… )3 weeks in India will do that, especially when it’s only for work).

Singapore, and London… Mandy and Dre have just had another little girl and I want to see her soooo much. I’ll be back in the Big Smoke for a visit last week of July, first week of August, it’s gonna be manic, but I’ll try and catch up with as many people as possible, I promise.

Not sure what’s going to happen to me next… My gig in India is due to finish around mid July… bout the same time that I’m planning my trip home…


Everything is up in the air at the moment. I’m hoping I’ll know a bit more about where I’ll be in 3 months time sooner, rather than later….

But then again… you know me… the last minute queen,

So… I guess I’ll just have to let you keep guessing.

Till the next time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not so peaceful Perth (this time around)

The last part of my trip in India was fantastic.. Hanging out with my mum in Mumbai and then with the rest of her family in Gujarat was awesome.. of course they just kept on at me to settle down, but that was bound to happen… I resisted the urge to tell them where to shove it as much as possible… and laughed the matter off.
Missing my flight home on the other had, was not a laughing matter… neither was spending the night at New Delhi Airport… I won’t be doing that again in a hurry!

Popping over to Perth this weekend for V Festival… can’t wait?!
If anyone’s going to be around be sure to give me a shout.

Apart from that March has pretty much been work, work, work.

The project I’m on may be over pretty soon, so watch this space to find out where in the world I will end up next!

Till then

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What....??? 2009!!! Never!?

I guess the first thing to say would be.. Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year… I know, I know… but better late than never though… right?! :o/
My Xmas and NY was great…. I broke away from the norm and jetted off to Bali… Not that I had the choice to participate in the norm (not that I would usually want to either), but I thought if I wasn’t going to be able to do the traditional thing, I’d get as far away from the idea as possible.

I’ve been trying to wrack my brains to recall all the things I have done and places that I have been since I last wrote…. That’s the problem with not keeping this thing up to date… usually I would struggle to think of anything interesting to write, bun now after….. 3 months, there’s just too much!
I guess I should just go for the highlights … the most memorable being The Gibbon Experience in Laos… but you have to see it to believe it! So I’ll skip all that and just go straight to ‘Current Affairs’…
I’m in India… again… it seems like the only time I ever have to update this thing is when I’m out here… maybe ‘cos the office is soooo laid back that it takes an eon to get people moving… giving me a spare few moments to get things done!
Anyway I’m not sure how many more visits I’ll have out here now so I’m planning a little visit latched on the end of the work trip back out to the sticks… to see my relatives whom I haven’t seen in over 15years!!! Man that makes me feel old… I’m excited and scared all at the same time.. I mean I hope they aren’t going to expect me to milk the cow and go and get water from the well etc etc… I’ve become far too much of a princess to do that kind of thing! I just hope they have running water and electricity otherwise how will I be able to blow dry my hair!!!!
Back to home… I’m kind of sad that I’m missin’ the snow… can’t believe it hasn’t snowed this much in 13 years and I’m missing it, although I hear now that it’s gone a little bit beyond a joke?! Oh well.. who knows what will happen next year… I don’t know.. a little bit of snow and the country grind to a halt… actually the same could be said for a ‘little bit of sun’… didn’t the tarmac start melting last time?!
I’m missing home and the people (obviously) heaps… it’s been 6 months since I was home last…. Not that long I know, but still… It would be easier if I knew when I’d be able to visit again… even if it’s for a few days for a quick fix… I’m holding out for work to fly me back… I heard a whisper that it would be in March when the first phase of the project that I am on will come to an end, but the way that the project is currently panning out, it’s not likely to be until March 2000 and Never! I can’t complain.. the longer I can stick with this thing.. the longer I stay in Singapore, although the opportunity to move onto another project within APAC is imminent! At this rate I will NEVER settle down and all the efforts to find an eligible suitor will have been in vain,… ‘yes’, I’m afraid I have to admit that the quest continues… I have to hand it to them, my family is definitely persistent… I thought that they would have given up on me ohhhh about 2 years ago, but they are still hard at it… ok so the criteria may have changed slightly…. Male, and alive… but even with these new stringent set of attributes to comply with… (NOT)… the hunt continues. I on the other hand seem not to be sooo concerned as I used to be about all this (… let me just recall for a second… was I concerned…. hmmm.. maybe a tad). It’s easy to distance yourself from the immense fear that everyone else seems to suffer with that I am destined to roam the earth for the rest of eternity a lone (miserable) spinster when you are a million miles away from them ….(just call me Miss Haversham) :o)
Ok so I’ll stop wittering on now…
Just a mental note… up and coming shenanigans….
V Fest – Perth
And hopefully Home at some point!

Ok catch you crazy catz later!